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Brick City - Design BooksBrick City - Design BooksBrick City - Design Books

Brick City

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For many Lego is just a toy. For a growing number of fans though, it is a challenge in recreating the world around us. Those people use the standard parts from the shops to build the iconic buildings of the cities we live in and the surrounding nature. The New York skyline, Sagrada Familia, Big Ben and other cult buildings inspire the builders to find the correct Lego parts that will preserve the spirit of the original buildings.

The author of this book takes on a journey around the world, visiting over a dozen cities and their landmarks. Every project has detailed instructions on how to build it at home, making the book a fun guide both for adult Lego fans and their children.

Brick City
by Warren Elsmore
Paperback, 256 pages
Language: English
Publisher: Barron’s
ISBN: 978-1845338121