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Rock Concrete Ring - 22designRock Concrete Ring - 22designRock Concrete Ring - 22design

Rock Concrete Ring

Product by: 22design

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22design studio introduced their concrete rings at the Tokyo design fair in 2007. Two young industrial designers from Taiwan use a special concrete mixture, originally created for a skyscraper in Dubai, over a steel base. Every concrete ring becomes a reflection of his owner – cracks, changes in color and other marks will appear based on your usage pattern.

The Rock ring features a complex geometrical shape.

Sizes by inside diameter:
Size 5 – 15.7 mm
Size 6 – 16.5 mm
Size 7 – 17.3 mm
Size 8 – 18.1 mm
Size 9 – 18.9 mm
Size 10 – 19.7 mm
Size 11 – 20.5 mm

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