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Norm 69 - Normann CopenhagenNorm 69 - Normann Copenhagen

Norm 69

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Let us introduce you our favourite lamp… Norm 69!

The design is by Simon Karkov and goes back to 1969. This is when the Danish designer created this puzzle-lamp that is assembled from 69 pieces. Its commercial production did not begin until this century, when the great design was spotted by Normann Copenhagen. Norm 69 has a unmistakable appearance.

The coolest part is that you assemble it yourself! The lamp will arrive to your address in a little flat box, where the 69 plastic pieces and the instruction booklet will warrant you 2-3 hours of fun. Assembling the lamp does not require some special skills and pretty much everyone can do it.

The Norm 69 is made out of heat resistent plastics. Use an energy-saving bulb or a regular one up to 60W. It comes without the power cord and the bulb basket – if you want you can get them from us as well (in white) or you can buy them from elsewhere (and thus get a different color or just save on delivery).

Size L: diameter 51 cm.

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