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24-7 Shopping Bag - Flip&Tumble24-7 Shopping Bag - Flip&Tumble24-7 Shopping Bag - Flip&Tumble

24-7 Shopping Bag

Product by: Flip&Tumble

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Price: 8.67

A reusable shopping bag that looks great and is extremely practical. It features an awesome fold-in design, which makes the bag so small that you can always have it with you. When folded out, the bag is big enough for your groceries. Check out the photo for how much you could fit inside!


– bright green

– blue

– bright pink

– eggplant

– black

Size: 30 X 38 X 13 cm

Weight you can carry inside: 11 kg.

Material: ripstop nylon. Can be washed cold.

Currently out of stock.