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Stefan Kanchev: Logo Book - Stefan KunchevStefan Kanchev: Logo Book - Stefan KunchevStefan Kanchev: Logo Book - Stefan Kunchev

Stefan Kanchev: Logo Book

Product by: Stefan Kunchev

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Logo Book presents the work of Stefan Kanchev. Kanchev has created an enormous number of logos, signage and ads during the second half of the last century in communist Bulgaria. His work carries a distinctive style and is well known not only in Bulgaria, but all over the world. It is quite interesting how people in his home country know many of his logos by heart, but yet only few know his name and have an idea that this is the man behind all their favourite logos and symbols from the past. Author Magdalina Stancheva has carried out an extensive research to collect all of Kanchev’s major work. It was then professionally digitised, which made this great book possible!

Stefan Kanchev: Logo Book
by Magdalina Stancheva
Paperback, 208 pages
Language: Bulgarian, English
Publisher: Janet 45
ISBN: 9789544918231

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